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MLB No-Hitters (1965-present)


When the Chicago Cubs were no-hit by Cole Hamels on July 25, 2015, it ended the longest current streak of not being no-hit at just under 50 years. The image and tables in this post describe other no-hitter streaks and timelines that have happened between 1965 and 2015.


The Midwest League (1956-present)

Map of the historic team geography and affiliations of the Midwest League

This animated map shows each year's team alignments and affiliations for the Midwest League, a Class-A minor league baseball league historically centered around the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.


Comparing the All-Star Batters

American League All-Stars

These charts plot the wRC+, OPS+, and WAR of all the Major League All-Star hitters as of the mid-season break. The larger the player's circle, the higher the WAR.


The 25 Largest Metropolitan Areas Without a Baseball Club

MiLB_metrosHere's a map with a lot going on.


Cartography – AA Minor League Affiliates’ Distance and Direction

AA affiliates mapA companion illustration that aligns the Major League home cities (in the center), then shows the direction and relative distance of that team's AA affiliate. Unlike the AAA map, which doesn't have many extreme distances or common directions, the AA map has many affiliates far to the east of their Major League counterparts. That's what having AA leagues in the northeast and south will do.

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Cartography – AAA Minor League Affiliates’ Distance and Direction [UPDATE]

AAAAn illustration that aligns the Major League home cities (in the center), then shows the direction and relative distance of that team's AAA affiliate. The San Diego Padres affiliate moved from Tuscon, Arziona, to El Paso, Texas for the 2014 season.


Infographic: The NFL Metro System (Another Amtrak Mashup)

NFL-Amtrak mashup

This is a companion to the MLB-Amtrak mashup from two years ago. In brief, imagine if the Amtrak routes that ran between the cities or areas that host NFL teams were made into perfectly straight lines, but kept the the same mileage. The result is the geographically rearranged map you see here. Like the MLB map, the cities in the northeast and south are generally in the proper places while the west gets a little messy. Phoenix and Green Bay are connected only through bus service. Poor Nashville doesn't even have that.


The Illinois-Missouri League Map (1908-1914)

illinois-missouriRelive the seven geographically diverse years of the Illinois-Missouri League at


The St. Louis Cardinals Radio Network and the Tale of Bud Bloomfield

Plot of all stations carrying the Cardinals radio network

This map started out as a curiosity. How far does the well-known and expansive Cardinals Radio Network reach? What cities are covered and who's missing out? What areas have the highest coverage saturation?


Infographic: 2013 Interleague Schedule

When the Astros got re-aligned into the American League West it was inevitable that interleague play was going to expand to accommodate two 15-team leagues. The newly released 2013 schedule shows just how expanded it is. With the exception of a few Mondays and Thursdays, there is at least one interleague game every day. Every team will travel for ten games and host ten games. The "regional" rivalries were kept intact and will all be played as home-at-home series between May 27 and May 30. There's even a scheduled doubleheader thrown in there.