Seven Pickles


The Midwest League (1956-present)

Map of the historic team geography and affiliations of the Midwest League

This animated map shows each year's team alignments and affiliations for the Midwest League, a Class-A minor league baseball league historically centered around the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.


The 25 Largest Metropolitan Areas Without a Baseball Club

MiLB_metrosHere's a map with a lot going on.


Cartography – AAA Minor League Affiliates’ Distance and Direction [UPDATE]

AAAAn illustration that aligns the Major League home cities (in the center), then shows the direction and relative distance of that team's AAA affiliate. The San Diego Padres affiliate moved from Tuscon, Arziona, to El Paso, Texas for the 2014 season.


The Illinois-Missouri League Map (1908-1914)

illinois-missouriRelive the seven geographically diverse years of the Illinois-Missouri League at


The St. Louis Cardinals Radio Network and the Tale of Bud Bloomfield

Plot of all stations carrying the Cardinals radio network

This map started out as a curiosity. How far does the well-known and expansive Cardinals Radio Network reach? What cities are covered and who's missing out? What areas have the highest coverage saturation?