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MLB No-Hitters (1965-present)


When the Chicago Cubs were no-hit by Cole Hamels on July 25, 2015, it ended the longest current streak of not being no-hit at just under 50 years. The image and tables in this post describe other no-hitter streaks and timelines that have happened between 1965 and 2015.


The Midwest League (1956-present)

Map of the historic team geography and affiliations of the Midwest League

This animated map shows each year's team alignments and affiliations for the Midwest League, a Class-A minor league baseball league historically centered around the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.


The Illinois-Missouri League Map (1908-1914)

illinois-missouriRelive the seven geographically diverse years of the Illinois-Missouri League at


The St. Louis Cardinals Radio Network and the Tale of Bud Bloomfield

Plot of all stations carrying the Cardinals radio network

This map started out as a curiosity. How far does the well-known and expansive Cardinals Radio Network reach? What cities are covered and who's missing out? What areas have the highest coverage saturation?