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Infographic: Pygmalion vs. Midpoint

Over three days in late September, two music festivals will run simultaneously in cities less than four hours apart. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, hosts the Pygmalion Music Festival, which is in its either year, while Cincinnati, Ohio, continues an eleven year run of the Midpoint Music Festival.

I'm not aware of any professional connections between the two festivals, so its surprising that the festivals will share a remarkable twenty-two headlining bands, lead by Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, and Dinosaur Jr. The infographic shows how these 22 bands are scheduled to travel between the two festivals as well as their dates on the Tuesday and Wednesday before September 27 and the Sunday and Monday after the 29th. They will cover 23 other cities in the Midwest, South, the East Coast, and Canada.

Some of the more interesting bits from the map:

  • All the bands that perform at Midpoint on Friday night will perform at Pygmalion on Saturday night.
  • Grizzly Bear has two tour partners during the week - Unknown Mortal Orchestra for everything before Pygmalion and Lower Dens for shows after.
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra then picks up a date in Milwaukee with fellow festival band Dirty Projectors.
  • Lower Dens and Night Beds meet up on the Friday for a one-off date in Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Night Beds then shares a bill with Julia Holter and Hundred Waters in Chicago.
  • Julia Holter and Hundred Waters are the only two acts that tour together the entire week and beyond.
  • At the time the graphic was created Best Coast, Cloud Nothings and Zeus will only perform at the two festivals during that weeks (and more than several days before or after).

Disclaimers: The show dates were pulled from numerous sources, but try as I might, may not be accurate or complete. Cities are generally spaced to scale, but the paths are nowhere near scale for length or optimum routing. Shared bands indicate bands touring together.


Reconsidering Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Decade Two in Review

Sometimes it's easy to pinpoint when you started to lose faith in a band. In the case of Clap Yours Hands Say Yeah, it was at their performance at Bonnaroo 2006. At that time, their self-titled and much lauded 2005 album was (and still is) one of my personal favorites. I had already seen them live at a small-ish venue in Madison. That show was pretty good. So, maybe it was the big stage, or maybe it was the heat, but they just weren't very good on that June day. I can't even remember exactly why they weren't good, but I do recall the unanimous sentiment in my group that we should have skipped the few songs we did stay for in favor of Elvis Costello.

And sometimes it's easy to pinpoint when you almost completely lost faith in a band...