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Infographic: St. Louis Cardinals Home/Away Grid, 2009-2013

Here's a comparison of the St. Louis Cardinals schedules from 2009 through 2012 plus the freshly released 2013 schedule. There are a couple interesting tidbits during this timespan:

  • The Cardinals haven't played a game in New York in April, May, or September.
  • They haven't played a game in San Francisco in June, July, August, or September.
  • They have only played ten games in Western Division stadiums in June and July, but 25 games in those stadiums in April.
  • If your birthday wish was to go to a game at Busch Stadium, you're out of luck if you were born on April 1, May 9, May 28, June 11, July 11 through July 14 (but you could have gone to the All-Star game in 2009), August 31 or September 16. No home games have been scheduled for these days
  • But if your birthday is on August 14, you're really lucky. That's the only date where the Cardinals have been at home for all five years.

Infographic: Craig Kimbrel’s Curious August

Or, how to kill a fantasy baseball teamIt's unusual when one of the best closers in baseball only picks up two saves in a month. Here's what it looks like when it happens.


Infographic: The MLB Metro System (An Amtrak Mashup)

This is a re-plotting of all the cities that are home to Major League Baseball teams. Each MLB city is a metro station. The distance between stations has been scaled against Amtrak's current mileage between cities and made completely straight, unless there is trackage that multiple Amtrak routes run on (e.g. the Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited run on the same trackage between Los Angeles and San Antonio before splitting off to Dallas and Houston). Every Amtrak route that runs between cities is represented. Other routes are not detailed. If multiple routes exist between cities, they are denoted by a split line (e.g. Chicago to Milwaukee is serviced by both the Empire Builder and Hiawatha service), or dashed markings. Cities that are not home to a MLB team aren't stations, but if I could add one it would be New Orleans. The route would be from Atlanta to New Orleans (current Crescent) then to Houston (current Sunset Limited), with a branch from Chicago to New Orleans (current City of New Orleans). This hypothetical is correctly scaled on the map (braggy, I know...).


Infographic: Face of the Franchise

An infographic outlining players who have served their teams exclusively for the most years.

The infographic shows the players who had played exclusively for their team the longest (as of the end of the 2011 season). Other notable veterans are included too. Remember when Paul Konerko played for the Reds and Dodgers? Yeah, neither do I. Click to enlarge.

It's not necessarily about money, incentives, loyalty, or even winning.